music video

A **Blank Blank** Production
**Music** by Casiokids

**With**: Marjolein Vogels, Johannes Groschupf, Livia Rutishauser, Anja Dornieden.

**Director**: Blank Blank
**Editing / Graphics**: Petri Henriksson

**DoP**: Carlos Vasquez
**Production Design**: Nuria Manzaneda

**Special Effects**: Jørund Hannevold

Ketil Kinden Endresen of Casiokids says “it’s produced and directed by our Berlin-based collaborators Blank Blank, who we do most of our artwork with. In the process of making music videos, or when getting our songs remixed for that matter, we always try to encourage a new spin on our song. This is exactly what Blank Blank have done. We gave them carte blanche on this instrumental piece from the Aabenbaringen over aaskammen sessions. They've come up with a curious dance video, a film intro, the credits for a movie that never starts. The movie that will never be seen is called Utfall! Loosely translated utfall means attack, outcome, result. It also relates to falling and to the word cascade, in Norwegian – “Kaskaden”.
Just as we imagined a magnificent hidden waterfall in the jungle when we created “Kaskaden”, never before seen by any man – discovered, of course, by our favourite explorer Dr Tarzan Monsoon. Blank Blank has made a video unlike anything we've ever seen."

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