music video

A **Blank Blank** Production
**Music** by Silje Nes

**Director**: Blank Blank
**Editing / Graphics**: Petri Henriksson

**DoP**: Carlos Vasquez
**Film Painting**: Jørund Hannevold / Blank Blank
**16mm film Processing and Transfer**: Muscle Temple Lab

On one of our trips to Norway we took our trusty 16mm camera with the intention of doing a series of time-lapses documenting the different places we visited. We did many things, but they ended up archived, undeveloped and neglected in our office. Developing material for another project we stumbled upon one of these rolls. From there came the images that make up this video, whose melancholic air reminded us of our visit to Veitastrondi, Silje Nes' ancestral homestead, a truly magical location.

The animation-segment was hand painted on film in our studio in Berlin. It was a process of three hands, in which the following person worked over what the previous one had done.
The final product exists also as a limited edition 7" vinyl release of 300 numbered copies, with two sides of equal length (4:43), one with an instrumental musical track and the other with field recordings capturing the time and place where the film was being made. For some impressions of the creative process, have a glance at our BBBlog post here.

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