music video

A **Blank Blank** Production
**Music** by Islaja

**With**: Merja Kokkonen, Atis Jaobsons, Simo Vassinen, Saara Louhensalo, Sean Cummins

**Director**: Blank Blank
**Editing / Graphics**: Petri Henriksson

**DoP**: Carlos Vasquez
**Production Design**: Nuria Manzaneda
**Art Department**: Martín Oliveros Heinze, Josefine Capelle, Anna Deiml.
**Special Effects**: Jørund Hannevold / Muscle Temple Lab
**Production Department**: Özde Bayer

**Thanks to**: Mika Mario Minetti, Gina Thorstensen, Pablo González, Silje Nes, Kaspar Sachsse, Maria Halle, the Muscle Temple members
Some might liken the effects of not seeing the sun to not sleeping; it drives you mad. In our video for Islaja we blur the lines between fantasy and reality and let the protagonist unfold her vicious intentions on a group of bacchanalian youngsters. As the world comes crashing down around her you might ask, is it all in her head, or is she a passive bystander in the chaos unleashed by the forces of destiny? Either way, this is a party none of the participants will ever forget, for good or bad.

Probably one of the Blank Blank crew's most challenging productions, "SEE NO SUN" took quite a bit of effort to create. If you'd like to learn more, please see our BBBlog-post for more behind-the-scenes material here.

**Making of**:

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