A Blank Blank production
Music By Dj Candle in the Wind

With Mikko Viljakainen, Ilari Larjosto, Aulis Forssell, Anna Pajunen, Martti "Jenkki" Nieminen, Anu Ruuhimäki, Aarni Ruuhimäki, Sirja Nerdrum, Tapani Pitkänen, Lake, Timo Heikkilä, Matti Hilden, Aarni Ruunimäki

Additional music: Titty Bar Tim Blues Band and Elsa Liimanainen

Line producer: Blank Blank
Production assistant: Anu Ruuhimäki
Film edtior: Emma Gräf
Films: 16 mm ORWO
Film lab: Ateliery Bonton Zlin a.s.
Post-production: Muscle Temple Lab
Sound Design: Dj Candle in the Wind
**Graphic Design**: Petri Henriksson

Supported by MES Finland
Where have all the workers gone? In Koijola, a small industrial town amidst the Finnish woods the workers of a saw mill mysteriously disappear. Detective Käki is sent from Helsinki to investigate the case. He hates the province and arrives with an uneasy gut feeling. In Koijola confusing chaos awaits him. What is the boss of the saw mill hiding? Is murderous feminism at work, here? What's Marx got to do with it? Thank God for Titty Bar! Here, the Detective can contemplate the case as he suddenly hits the missing link. While Käki is being dragged deeper and deeper into the woods his darkest foreshadows come to life.

In the eastern back corner of Finland masses of people are not to be seen and jobs are hard to find. Especially today, with more and more local industry giving in to global competition, leaving closed down places and empty cities behind. What's there left to do in a small Finnish town? Music!

Is this a music video? Is this a crime story? Is this anti-capitalist DADA? The Finish summers are cold and short but the sun never sets. A Film Noir out of raw daylight.
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