A **La Mer à Boire Production**
In Co-Production with **Avenida Films, Blank Blank films, Traum Fabrik** and **Studio Orlando**

**With**: Christian Wewerka, Laura de Boer, Michael Schumacher.

Director: Pablo González
Production: Ludovic Henry, Michael F. Schumacher
Screenwritters: Pablo González, C.S. Prince
Cinematographer: Carlos Vásquez
Assistant Director: Felipe Salazar
Sound Engineer: Caspar Sachse
Boom Operator: Max Kober, Ron Klober
Art Director: Adriana Ciudad
Art Team: Nuria Manzaneda, Matt Sharpe, Yasmin Pinheiro, David Artigala, Ana Aguilera.
Costume Designer: Karin Faltenhauser
Costume Team: Jeanine Seydler, Jenny Maeurer, Judith Bondy
Make-Up: Anne Lomberg, Martina Klein
Production Assistants: Sabrina Lorch, Isabell Wackers, Elisa Hengen, Michael Dunning.
Lighting Assistant: Carlos López
Set Photographer: Thomas Beetz, Erick Lande
Graphic Design: Petri Henricksson, Jørund Hannevold

In a post-apocalyptic world of never-ending winter, a sparse cast of outsiders lives underground. Due to their unsanitary conditions, sexual contact has become dangerous. Masturbation has become the paradigm of sexual experience and an array of low-tech devices with this purpose has come into existence. In this bleak reality, Czuperski (a dealer of such machines) and Tania (a sex addict) make a deal: she will allow him to experiment new devices on her body in exchange of pleasure. Soon however, their relationship goes out of control.

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