A **Blank Blank** Production
**Music** by Cakewalk

**Director**: Blank Blank
**Graphics**: Petri Henriksson
**Film Painting**: Blank Blank
**16mm Film Transfer**: Muscle Temple Lab

**Thanks to**: Laura Laabs, Daniela Dahn, Joochen Laabs, Sibylle Gerstner, Cristobal Schmal, Cristina Sitje Rubio

Suddenly it happens. You realise you’ve been looking at something for an undefined amount of time, not thinking, not moving, not realising the clock ticking away. Whether you are a person staring out the window, through the trees, past the clouds and into space, or the proverbial rabbit, caught in the headlights of an oncoming car, you know the feeling of being transfixed.

To convey this feeling on behalf of Cakewalk's tune of the same name, no less than 18 meters of film was hand painted, perforated, stitched and coloured, with all editing done straight to the material itself, using a ruler and a calculator. This organic and highly analogue process has lead to a perfect marriage between a highly hypnotic soundtrack and a brain-freezing visual work.

Building upon almost a year’s worth of planning and experimentation, this video runs parallel with the visuals for the band’s live set, where the film is manipulated by hand and mechanical apparatus, in direct response to the band’s performance. Synaesthesia is an oft-abused term and source of inspiration, but in this case the fusion of sound and image will be different, 100% anchored in the physical realm of scissors, loops, paints, light-bulbs and many many volts of blazing electric power. Stay tuned for demonstrations.

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