A **Blank Blank** Production
**Music** by Put Your Hands Up for Neo Tokyo (ONE), Labot Narrow (TWO) and Elisabeth Mladenov (THREE)

**With**: Juliana Stiefken

**Director**: Blank Blank
**Editing / Graphics**: Petri Henriksson

**DoP**: Carlos Vasquez

**Special Effects**: Blank Blank
**16mm Film Transfer**: Muscle Temple Lab

**Thanks to**: Juan Manuel Ortiz, Katrin Caspar, Jørund Hannevold, Cristobal Schmal, Parusha Lewis, Anna Moennich.
Three composers each created their own soundtrack for the same sequence of images, a Kuleshovian experiment within the dimension of music.

Do we like to think of our past as happy or sad? Do we need our memories? What function do they have in our present?
One sequence, three soundtracks and each time a new perception of the same film. Or the same perception of a new film? Or a film about the memory of a memory of a moment that might have been magic if it has been at all.

The sound does, of course, affect and alter what we see. Moreover throughout their repetition the images hold more and more scars and bruises and seem to dissolve into the arbitrary. Just like our attempts to remember a moment over and over again and in doing so wiping out the original incident. What remains is the memory of a memory. And yet, the images themselves encapture a core of inner resistance that can not fully be erased.

Thus in this experiment the memory appears as a rather ambivalent structure, set up somewhere between truth and fantasy. Every "magic memory" is like a story about our life that we like to tell ourselves. Maybe we can't deny the moment. But how we feel about it later on might only depend on the tune we decide to play with it.

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