A **Blank Blank** Production
**Music** by Silje Nes

**Director**: Blank Blank
**Editing / Graphics**: Petri Henriksson

**DoP**: Carlos Vasquez

Silje Nes invited us to collaborate with her for her performance during the "Go with the Flø" festival, which was held in Flø, Norway. Our idea was to create something in the local chapel, the space allocated to us for the concert, and try to manipulate the perception of what is commonplace for the local visitors.

As part of the visuals, we did a portrait of Flø, a place that due to its geography and surroundings areas easily lends itself to contemplation (and that none of us had visited before). With two cameras and a series of time-lapses we visited every corner we could access in the few hours we had to make this video possible. Every moment was used to take pictures, even when we were sleeping.

The presentation took place on June 26, 2011, and it was very interesting to see the response of the local community to our perception of their homestead.

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