music video

A Blank Blank Production
Music by Ungdomskulen

With: Marjolein Vogels, Marleen Kleinstapel, Megan Goddard, Bernhard Labecki, Johannes Groschupf, Peter Koziel, Pablo Fernandez, Daniela Lucato, Anna Yukiko Bickenbach, Mirto Strambi, Jürgen Schleischer, Johanna Wagner.

Director: Blank Blank
Editing / Graphics: Petri Henriksson
DoP: Carlos Vasquez
Special Effects: Muscle Temple Lab

Thanks to: Erika Vati, Christina Sitja Rubio
An open casting which includes friends, friends of friends, recent acquaintences and strangers, and a loose story in which most things transpire in run-of-the-mill places in a neighborhood in Berlin. This was the starting point for our first project as Blank Blank: Ungdomskulen's GIMME TEN, a series of one-minute music videos for the ten one-minute tracks released as a mini-LP with the same name.

Though there are ten videos, each of them start and end with a direct or symbolic connection with another one. They should work as single pieces as well as a cohesive ten-minute whole. We filmed and edited the entire decalogue over a six-week period, and each part was released online every Monday and Friday from May 2nd to June 3rd of 2011.

All the ten individual videos:

The complete version, including some addtional footage:
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